Once again, I’m going to blame the late Thanksgiving for how fast the holidays are sneaking up. I did get some baking done, and a Christmas light viewing in downtown Fort Collins. The city always does such a wonderful, magical job. I love it. I noticed in my neighborhood less homes have put up lights this year, mine included. I only put up my lighted wreaths, because I can’t get to my Snowmen choir, etc. Too many things being stored in the way, and now that I have time, it doesn’t seem worth moving everything for the short time left till Christmas. Bah Humbug me. Except – maybe since the city does their big, beautiful display, my not putting up lights is okay for the environment, slightly less humbug.

Has anyone tried those new laundry detergent strips? They are plant based, don’t require a plastic jug, or look like candy pods. I am curious if they work. IF they work well, they would be an excellent Smaller Footprint Idea. Economics drive everything. If we want and buy good environmental products, they will get produced and businesses will catch on. They have to in order to stay in business. Take LED lights for example. What an improvement, plus I definitely saw a lower utility bill when I changed my house over. This is an area where your voice can be heard. ASK for good products, seek them out, and businesses will respond. They go where we lead them.

There will be disasters, of course, like paper straws. We have to come up with something better than what’s out there now. The sip lids are good, I just need to train myself to ask for them. I bet there is a product or an idea that will solve the straw problem. We didn’t used to have straws at all. Does anyone remember when they were invented?

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