The snow came down for hours. We ate homemade chicken noodle soup, watched a Christmas movie, and drank hot chocolate. Pretty perfect day with the grandkids. This year, I skipped buying everyone matching jammies. I won’t do that again. My only reason for the omission was that I looked in my full jammie drawer, and thought, “I don’t have any room for anymore.” My thoughts stopped there, not going on to think about the growing little ones who need bigger jammies every year. Duh. Sometimes, I do not follow my thoughts clear to the end.

My son started my fireplace for me. My son-in-law fixed my tv. Now the refrigerator has stopped making ice, and the cordless vacuum’s battery isn’t charging well. I’m beginning to feel like there is a conspiracy going on.

On a better note, I have made very good progress on my novel. I’m really liking the feel of it, so that is one great positive. Kudos and thanks to my critique-ers for all their help.

So, lithium, the stuff that makes great batteries and is found in the computer you’re reading this blog on right now, or, if you’re on your phone, in your phone, and your tablet, and electric appliances, cars, and even electric airplanes. That lithium is not mined without environmental consequences. There is only one mine for it in North America, the Silver Peak Mine in Nevada. However, what happens in Australia and South America very much affects the health of our planet and therefore affects us in the long run. I’m guessing none of us want to get rid of our cell phones, so I’d say we have to continue our vigilance towards mining practices, along with fracking, and any other method for extracting the fuels of our future. None of them are foolproof, especially when there are great profits to be made. Business has a ‘not so shiny’ history of putting profit before the public’s health and well being – until they get caught.

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