Longer Days Now

The days are getting longer now. That’s worth celebrating!

The holidays are in full swing, so of course the appliances are dropping like flies. Last week it was the cordless vacuum battery, then the solenoid for the touch sink in the kitchen started flashing lights at me, and finally, the ice maker quit making ice and the temp started climbing in the fridge. I read the faucet manual and then called the manufacturer. After an hour of diagnostic tests and my crawling under the sink to take pictures for him, he agreed with me. ‘Must be the solenoid.’ Duh. They sent a new part, and since the faucet still worked, I blithely put it aside.

Well, one morning a few days back, the sink quit working altogether, no flashing lights, no warning, no water. Then, same day, the plastic toilet handle broke on the inside, and the microwave quit. All this takes place while I’m waiting for the appliance repairman to show up for the fridge.

The microwave was the easiest fix. The breaker had popped. I don’t know why. Then I got out the gorilla glue and glued the toilet handle back together and put a c-clamp on it. Didn’t work. I had to go get a $5.00 part, but I fixed it. I crawled under the sink with flashlight and instructions in hand, and I now have water (without leaks) in the kitchen sink. The refrigerator needs a new mother board – those aren’t cheap! The only question left is why did the breaker pop? Pure coincidence? hmmm.

It would be nice if everything else holds together until all the holiday company is gone. I’ve been planning Christmas dinner for a month, and I don’t want something like refrigerator failure to stress out the day. It is winter, so I can do without ice, but I need the refrigerator. Please!

Happy Holidays. Merry Christmas. Happy Hanukah. Happy New Year. Let’s all pray for peace and kindness in 2020. There seem to be enough natural disasters to deal with, we don’t need to add the weight of careless words. I’m trying to hone my communication skills with friends and family, one big task. Good thing they love me.

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