Peace on Earth

Peace on Earth

What prophetic words were written into that song. Not peace in this or that country, but for the whole planet, for all of us. Sing praises to those with such a vision, courage, and kind heart. Praise to those who work tirelessly toward that end, Doctors Without Borders, The Red Cross, Heifer International, the list goes on and on. Thank You!

This is my last blog for 2019, so here are my final blog thoughts for the year. I wish for you to have a prosperous and healthy New Year. I wish all of you safe travels in the coming year. I wish for love to conquer, and common sense to prevail. At the moment, I’m wishing for sunshine, but hey, nobody said I’m perfect.

This year has seen its share of struggles, and yet we enjoy more wealth, healthier lives, plenty of food, and warm homes with no more effort than setting a thermostat. We really have nothing to complain about – and yet we do. Human nature I suppose. So, if I have a resolution for myself, it will be to smile more, complain less, and focus on giving joy to others.

None of us gets through this life alive – or without losing loved ones. For each of us, the process of recovery, our journey through grief is different. We need to vent, to cry, and to hug. Don’t be stoic. Reach out to someone, and let that someone minister to you. It will do them good, as well as you. So, while I’ve wished everyone health and happiness, I know that we will lose people we love in the coming year. It is inevitable. Let us all have strength, strength for our own sorrows, and strength to share with others as they go through theirs. I also wish you patience, and respect, AND, I hope to see your smile in the coming year. Barbara

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