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Wearing Out

Well, well, well. I was on the floor, doing my stretches, and I put both hands down to scoot slightly. Blam! Hurt my ribs again – only this time they really hurt.  I wasn’t doing anything that should have aggravated them either. I seem to go from one area being hurt to another. I’m not…

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Australia’s wildfires continue. The threats between the US and North Korea, and the tits for tats with Iran continue. In the meantime, I think we carry on, one day at a time. I’m hoping for us to be the best humans we can be, caring for our planet and each other. I don’t know what…

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What happened? I must now be living in the midwest where the snow never goes away. In Colorado, where I used to live, it would snow and within a day or two the sun came out and the snow went away. Not so here. This place looks familiar, except for the grey, dreary sky, void…

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