What happened? I must now be living in the midwest where the snow never goes away. In Colorado, where I used to live, it would snow and within a day or two the sun came out and the snow went away. Not so here.

This place looks familiar, except for the grey, dreary sky, void of blue and brilliant warmth from the sun. The street out front has been covered with ice for weeks now, a phenomena I’m definitely not used to. Having lived in Colorado for sixty five years, I’d say that’s rather rare at this altitude, in fact.

Actually, since writing that, the sun has reappeared, and I can see about half of the asphalt on our street. Thank goodness. My mood plummets in direct correlation to my vitamin D levels from the lack of sunshine.

On the other side of the world, raging brush fires are demolishing Australian homes and wildlife. They have consumed millions of acres, and I would venture to say that very few of us could guess the impact to the rest of the world from the smoke alone, never mind the effects of the scorched earth, lost plants, and wildlife. So scary. I pray rain heads their way, soon. The loss of lives is beyond devastating.

My son came and helped me prune the mature apple tree out front. I’m so grateful to have that big job out of the way. Of course, I forgot to have him take down one tree I’m going to replace in the back yard, but it’s small enough I can saw it down by hand. The big one out front – not so much. There is still some dead-heading to do in the flower beds, but until this snow goes away, it can’t happen. That means I can start the 2000 piece puzzle my son-in-law gave me for Christmas. (Torture?) It will take me all winter – that much I can tell looking at the box. Ah well, I’ll put M*A*S*H reruns on.

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