Australia’s wildfires continue. The threats between the US and North Korea, and the tits for tats with Iran continue. In the meantime, I think we carry on, one day at a time. I’m hoping for us to be the best humans we can be, caring for our planet and each other. I don’t know what else to do, other than get depressed by the events – which does no one any good.

I’ve been reading a history of the 1600s and 1700s. Ugh. I’ve got to tell you, humankind does not have a “kind” history at all, ironically, most especially when it comes to respecting other religions. Amazing! Humans are awful to each other – and it continues today even though we know better. We have the histories, and the libraries, and the education. We know better. We just don’t do any better.

I popped a rib while pulling some big plants out of the gravel on the side of my house. That has put me out of yard-work commission for a few days. I also realized I can’t do sit-ups or crunches until it heals (oh shucks), but I can do my yoga and stretches, so all is not lost in my morning routine.

I’ve managed one spring-cleaning project so far. I have another to start on, this one in the garage, so it will happen on warm days only.

My developmental editor has got me working on getting back into a good writing routine. I had really fallen out of any sort of regimen in the last year and a half. Looking out the window, though, I’m not wanting to write. I’m wanting to watch bulbs come up, trees bud out, and flowers bloom. Patience Barb, patience. There is a lot of winter left. The thing is, I already have last years books and tax preparation done. That leaves me that 2000 piece jigsaw puzzle and spring cleaning to do, and writing. There is always writing.

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