Wearing Out

Well, well, well. I was on the floor, doing my stretches, and I put both hands down to scoot slightly. Blam! Hurt my ribs again – only this time they really hurt.  I wasn’t doing anything that should have aggravated them either. I seem to go from one area being hurt to another. I’m not sure what this is called – other than old age – but it’s getting old, that’s for sure. Good ole’ ace bandage to the rescue.

A whirlwind of activity has blessed me lately. After eleven years with my old car, a car I guess I loved because it was sure hard to let go of, I bought a new car. This one has bells and whistles and doodads and gizmos and it’s all rather overwhelming. One step at a time, I keep saying, one step at a time. A very nice man at the dealership told me this, “Remember, it has four wheels, a steering wheel, a brake pedal and a gas pedal. Start with those. The rest will come.” Thank goodness for him. Otherwise, I’m not sure I could have driven it home!

I’m also taking French lessons in anticipation of my trip to France to see my nephew and his fiancé, and another trip the following summer for their wedding. I’m so excited to see the chateau they have bought to restore. During the first trip, I plan to put on a pair of gloves and help. There are gardens to plan too, which is right up my alley.

I replaced some motion detector lights, one of which lasted only a couple of months, one worked partially, and one wanted to stay on all the time. Out of three new ones I purchased, one was faulty and tripped the breaker every time we turned the power on. Back to the store. After fixing those, the microwave tripped its breaker. Different circuit. So, I guess I’m not the only thing wearing out around here.

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