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Lately, I’ve come to this place of not wanting to take on anything that might subject me to stress. I’m thinking of it as a recovery stage, but it’s probably just a matter of becoming a wimp. Fortunately, I have good friends and family to talk it through with, and I have time, the precious gift of time to heal.

I spent a recent evening in the ER following what I’m going to describe as a violent reaction to an antibiotic. The doc gave me an eppi injection which gave me a horrendous headache for two days. At that point, I had to wonder which was worse, the allergic reaction or the cure. All’s well that ends well. I’m alive.

I”m back to walking. I’m back to weights and yoga. My grandsons are coming soon for a visit. My bff girlfriend is coming for a visit. Lots to look forward to. I got a little yard work done on the side of the house where the snow and ice is all gone. I got the small tree cut down. I’m looking forward to warm weather so I can spend an hour or two in the afternoon outside prepping for spring. The neighbors trees finally dropped all their leaves. There are a lot to rake up.

My latest novel, Compass Point, is coming along nicely. Several people are reading it right now, which helps so much. I am amazed at the good catches they make, finding things that are wrong, wrong, wrong. Sometimes, it happens because I’ve taken a portion out that leaves an unexplained gap. Sometimes its incorrect terminology, sometimes it’s the sequence. The reader doesn’t always have all the info the author does! Yay for beta readers. They are invaluable to a good book. Compass Point has a few of my dad’s stories from his days in the FBI. It is a totally different genre than my children’s books or “Rhyaden.” I hope you all like it!

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