Nice walk in the sunshine! Woohoo! Even if it isn’t as warm as I would like, the sun makes all the difference. I feel warm and it gives me high hopes for spring. My neighbor and I walked and talked about fruit trees and garden beds. Time to plan! I’ve figured out where a couple new trees are going. I’m going to plant wildflowers and squash in the upper bed, pumpkins in the lower bed. I know where the new bench is going to be set. These things make me happy. That’s how I get through the long month, the short month, and the windy month of the new year. Then comes April and we’re off!

I have four trips planned for this year already. Time. Time. How do we go everywhere we want to go?

My girlfriend of many, many years drove up for a visit. As always, we sat down and talked. At lunch time, we wandered into the kitchen and pulled things out of the fridge until we had enough to call it a lunch, talking all the time. Then, we were back in the living room chairs, talking until we decided to take advantage of the sunshine and take a walk. The sun dove behind the clouds, but we got some fresh air while we walked and talked. By the time she headed home, we felt pretty caught up on each others lives, the grandchildren, children, guy friends, careers, health, and stresses. What are friends for? That’s what friends are for.

My daughter-in-law found some reusable, dishwasher-able, even microwaveable plastic bags to replace using so many baggies. Woot! I put my first biodegradable yard waste bag out for collection. Progress toward a smaller footprint. I would love to compost, but my HOA doesn’t think much of that. I’ll have to do some research. One problem we face here is raccoons from the nearby wildlife sanctuary. They could make a mess of it in a real hurry. Food for thought.

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