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With all my grandkids close, I decided I better take this quiet moment to write. I almost picked up the phone to call a friend, but I know the tranquility will evaporate, and be hard to find for the next few days. I got a picture of all five of them together, which is beyond words for awesome. It just doesn’t happen very often.

My first beta reader has gotten through the book. So helpful! “Compass Point” is not fantasy, so getting things right is truly important. 

Changes are coming to where everyone in the family lives. Distance will not be an obstacle to me and my new car – which I am coming to love, by the way. I am slowly sorting out the new gizmos and electronic gadgetry in my new fangled conveyance. While a little daunting (okay a LOT daunting in the beginning), there are things I now absolutely love. Some things will keep me safer, that’s for sure. The one I love best is the steering wheel heater. Oh my goodness. How spoiled can a person get – and so quickly!

I’ve been paying attention to the plastic in my life. Some things we buy are covered in it, and we have no choice but to unwrap it and throw the stuff away. I love buying celery sticks – already cut – because I tend to grab them instead of a less healthy snack if they are already prepared. Well – they come in plastic. If I go back to buying the loose bundles, there is no plastic. Convenience versus planet health. Not such a difficult choice for me, especially since I truly do have the time to cut the celery stalks myself. I realize that not everyone does. Do you suppose they will come up with biodegradable bags to package produce in? That would be my hope. After finding the reusable baggie products, I am hopeful this will come too. Here’s another bummer. The convenient microwaveable bacon I have come to love is also shrouded in plastic. Geesh. Plastic crept into my life without my even noticing.

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