Eagle Tree

A few days ago, a dozen magnificent bald eagles graced the neighborhood giant cottonwood tree. They come once a year, at least, and practice with the youngsters. It is fascinating to watch. An adult will take off with a few immature eagles and they will circle and fly patterns until returning. Then another group will go. It thrills me to see such a magnificent display so close to home. That tree is something else too. I’ve never seen a bigger one.

My grandsons have gone home. That is sad, but they will be back in a couple of months. They used our old farm set to play an interesting war game. Various farm animals had vaporizer capability, some could fly, and other’s had laser guns. I’d have to say, it was a thoroughly modern game played with that old farm set, and used far more imagination than watching a screen where all of the brain work is done for you. We got in lots of ping-pong also, which is always good, and eagle and squirrel watching. A great visit.

My daughter and family will be moving this summer. She brought a load this trip, and pulled their enclosed trailer back with her for the next load. The silver lining of moving is the opportunity to sort, donate, and pare down. Still, it is so much work.

The family has been fighting colds, viruses, and stomach illnesses. I’ve been playing dodge the germs as best I can, but you know, now that I’ve said it, I’ll probably be the next one on the sick list. I hope not. I just want to spend the rest of this winter prepping for a fun spring and summer of travel. I should have done a little yard work in the recent warmth, but I chose to walk instead. I can’t express how nice it is to walk once again without pain. That is a blessing I won’t soon take for granted. 

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