Ups and Downs

Winter is back. It tried to fooled us for a while, 75F degrees one day, and two mornings later it was -8F. Ha ha. Mother Nature has always had a slightly warped sense of humor for Colorado. A person doesn’t have to look far, though, to find someone else worse off, so I shall be grateful for the moisture, even if I had to shovel it off the walks and the driveway. This is the time of year, that I begin looking for that mythical weather phenomena called warm rain. Even cold rain doesn’t have to be shoveled. I shoveled three inches one recent morning, and by the time I went to bed, another four needed to be removed. At that point, I called in the troops. My eleven years old neighbor loves to make money, and he doesn’t care what kind of job he’s asked to do.

I’ve come to the conclusion that my dislike of this particular winter has more to do with the inordinate number of dreary days we have endured, rather than the cold. I can handle cold as long as the sun is shining. It just hasn’t being out very much this winter. Despite all those clouds, it seems dry in my front yard. NRCS puts the state’s snow pack at or above 100% throughout Colorado, especially the mountains. I suppose that means my front yard is a good indicator of current moisture conditions – in my yard.

I went to the Odyssey of the Mind training. I am excited for the actual competition to see what the kids come up with to solve the problems they’ve been given. I’m not sure I’ll remember what I was taught, but I hope so. It’s going to be interesting. I believe they said our regional competition has seventy-seven teams entered. Wow!

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