I usually try to write my blog well in advance of the day I post it. I’m made that way. I like to revisit it several times, and my writing usually gets better when I do. I say usually, because I revised my last blog several times and still didn’t see the glaring typo/mistake in the second sentence until after I posted it. The circumstances (and a great book I was reading called “The Giver of Stars”) this week have prevented me from getting to this sooner. You get what you get.

I’m going to put my two cents worth in on a term we are all aware of, but not well versed in. GMO. Genetically modified organisms. Somehow, (by clever marketing) consumers have become afraid of food products that have been modified in some way by corporate giants, at the expense of our health. Hogwash. Farmers, and really back a few hundred years, everybody was a farmer of some kind or another, have been trying to use the best crop available for their soil, their area’s average rainfall, and their pest population since the beginning of cultivated history. It is called survival.

No one saves seed from the poor producing pumpkins in their garden, they save the best. No one keeps the poor cows or poor milkers in their herds. They keep the best. These were early and easy forms of genetically modifying your crop or your herd. Today, science has enabled us to do all kinds of techniques faster, such as grafting to get new varieties of plants. That’s why we find so many different and sweeter kinds of apples in our stores today. It’s simply a speeded up version of the selection process that has been going on forever, or at least as long as humankind has been feeding itself through agriculture. Calling something non-GMO is a marketing gimmick, and I have to admit, it’s made some marketers a lot of money. Do some research.

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