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From other people weighing in, I have gleaned some helpful tips on recyclable clothing, and stores that are recycling what they sell. I found a brand of bread I like, Killer Dave’s, that doesn’t double wrap their bread with plastic (one bag is plenty for me). A plastic product that is going to be used over and over again is one thing, but one use and into the trash just doesn’t cut it anymore. I know technology is going to find a way to deal with plastic, but in the meantime, if we can slow down our wastefulness, we can give our planet a fighting chance to hang in there until the science catches up. Have faith! And think about the little ways you can help. Also, pass those tips along.

I am disappointed that I have found no place, as of yet, to recycle foam. As good as Fort Collins is in the recycling department, they would not take foam at their recycle center. “Landfill” – they said. Noooooooo! It’s plastic. So, for now, it will be used as a foam topper for the camper bed. I’m holding onto the smaller pieces, or maybe I’ll try cutting them into small chunks to make a pillow like they sell on TV. Hey – there’s an idea!

My grand-dogs are staying with me, and at the moment they are having a tug-of-war contest at my feet. It kind of takes my concentration away. I’ve been working hard on Compass Point, honing the rough edges before giving it out to more beta readers. I am constantly amazed at the different things each reader catches. With the dogs and my granddaughter here, the work pace has definitely slowed. I probably get more exercise because of the constant trips to the door to let them out. They love playing in the snow and of course, exercise is good for me!

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