Daunting Dullness

The sun made fleeting attempts to best the clouds, but it was futile. The temperature wasn’t below freezing, but I still spent most of the day indoors. Dreary days of daunting dullness do dampen my doorstep.

Today would be my father’s 99th birthday. As I work on Compass Point, I wonder what he would think of his character portrayed in the book. “They” say we often don’t recognize ourselves, and I have to admit, I have left out some of his more memorable traits, at least memorable to me. I’m going to keep that thought in mind as I revise. What side of my father do I want people to see, because as you all know, each of us has that less than stellar side that perhaps only our family knows. It’s a balancing act though, because he is not the main character of the book.

By the way, does anyone know of shipping/packing material that is compostable or biodegradable? Simply put, I want to ship books in the future without using plastic. I saw a posting on FB complaining about not being able to use plastic bags when every grocery item mentioned was packaged in plastic. Point well taken, except, that every little bit helps. Adding in more plastic bags doesn’t help the landfill. I found reusable mesh bags for produce and always try to remember to take in my own tote bags. Some plastic is unavoidable because of the way products are marketed now, but, as I said, every little bit helps.

I got started organizing in the garage. Started – I say – because this is going to take more thought, and a warm day. It also requires climbing a ladder, and that act seems to trigger pain in my previously stress fractured foot. I found that out painting my spare bedroom the other day, so I’m being careful. I only made two trips up the ladder this time. I got enough done to see that it can get better, which is inspiring. A good first step.

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