Compass Point

As Compass Point strengthens and nears completion, I am amazed at its evolution. It is actually an incredibly cool process to go through. I feel like the book and I are taking a kind of journey together, which is, I realize, an odd statement to make about a book. Then again, writing is an art form, and this book is my best work yet.

The growth and polishing of Compass Point wouldn’t happen without the insight of my developmental editor. She is also my daughter, and that means our working relationship gets tested because we don’t have the natural courtesy two business people would extend to each other. Our other, more dominant familial relationship (which has been around for many more decades than I’ve been writing novels) tends to jump right to the forefront. Our working together is a challenge, but worth doing, because she is very good at this.

I’ve filled several bags with leaves and yard waste, uncovered the lawn chairs, and sprayed the little green weeds already trying to get their hold on this year. There is a ton yet to do, but I am trying hard to be satisfied with a little progress each day, rather than killing myself to get it all done at once. The old me had no patience for leaving work undone. The older, wiser me is has learned how difficult it is to heal when I overdo. Pain is a great teacher.

The taxes for last year are finished. Like all of you, it wouldn’t be such a trial if I thought the money was being spent wisely (pork barrel?), without waste, and for the benefit of the people and the planet, rather than lobbyist’s pockets. I still believe that eliminating lobbyists is the first and by far most important legislation that we could pass to improve out government. Of course, that will never happen as long as lobbyists are allowed to fund politician’s campaigns. Ok, it’s spring. Think happy thoughts.

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