Well, I suppose my not writing about Covid 19 has become obvious. I don’t know what to say, beyond wash your hands, smile, eat healthy, and be good to one another. Also, be patient with our government and health care officials. This is not easy.

I wish all of you good health. I hope we as a planet get a handle on this virus soon. There are a lot of resources out there if you are scared or feeling alone. Reach out. If you have good thoughts on this, share them with me, and I will pass them along to everyone.

One thing is very clear to me – we are one planet. We have no where to go to escape. Our footprint does matter. And finally – what happens ANYWHERE affects everyone – everywhere. So, use less plastic, wash your hands, recycle, love each other, and last but not least – wash your hands.

Okay, on to other thoughts. The weather got so beautifully warm and sunny, I went outside and overdid. Just a titch. I kept hearing my words to you as I hoisted the bags of mulch to spread on my garden path. The following day the weather turned windy and cold (snow in the forecast) so I was glad I finished that particular job. I also ran out of compostable trash bags, so I had to stop bagging the leaves. I suppose everything I raked will get scattered in the wind. Oh well.

Lots of changes are happening to our world. I would guess by the end of summer all will be back to normal and we will soon forget our current mess. Then we can go back to ignoring what is happening to refugees in Syria, the fish dying in the oceans, and the polar bears and sea lions loosing their habitat to ice melt. You can probably tell, I’m a little frustrated with mankind at this moment. (I’m reading “Killers of the Flower Moon.”) Humankind has such an awful history, I’m embarrassed to be one.

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