The Drain

The dogs curled up at my feet. Like me, they wonder when it will get warm and sunny again. Two days worth of chores wait for warm temperatures. Some progress in the yard has been made, though. Two out of my three new trees got planted. The third one should come in April.

Praise be, the sun came out. The deadheading is now done. Leaves and yard waste are bagged. I feel ready for spring. There are several green shoots nudging the dirt aside, testing the temperatures, readying to shoot up. They better hold off, because it’s only mid-March. There probably is a lot more snow and cold weather coming.

There have been a lot of ideas floated lately for keeping youngsters busy during this time of school closures. One of the nicest is having students write letters of encouragement to residents of nursing homes. The elderly population is especially hard hit by the social distancing to halt the spread of Covid-19. Such a two-edged sword! The elderly have compromised immune systems, but on the other hand, they desperately need social interaction. They would love receiving letters. Just think what long-term relationships could be started, not to mention the respect and compassion the youngsters would learn.

I’ve been calling friends and family that I don’t often remember to call. I’m getting calls too. It is encouraging to know that times of stress and uncertainty bring out the best in some people. Of course, there are shysters out there trying to take advantage of people’s fear. Don’t let them get to you. And don’t worry, the stores will restock their shelves. The people who bought 6 gallons of milk and 16 bags of toilet paper won’t need any for a while. I just keep wondering how much milk will go bad and get poured down the drain?IMG-1419

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