Joke 19

Since Covid19 and 2020 played a giant joke on the entire world, I don’t think it is necessary for anyone to play April Fool’s jokes this year. We still have plenty of fools around anyway, all those who ignore the stay at home warnings, don’t wash their hands, or think this is a media hoax.

New thing this week: French class via Zoom. I’m clinging to the small shred of hope that my trip to France in October might still happen. Realistically, I don’t think things will be back to normal (whatever the new normal is going to be), but I’m not dashing that hope just yet. Cancelling four out of four trips is just too much in the space of one month. My grasp of the French language can only get better with more time, but I’m not going down that road just yet.

I hauled my new outdoor bench up the hill and set it up under the big spruce trees. Love it! (Heavy sucker). I quit shaving. Bras are no longer in the essential category, so unless I’m outside , they’re out. I am still brushing and flossing my teeth though, don’t worry. I haven’t gone completely hillbilly – yet.

I’m actually caught up with yard work, for the time being. That’s certainly a good feeling. I ordered a couple of things, but they have yet to arrive. I decided to plant carrots around the new apple tree that is coming. The spot is all ready, so after the tree is in, I’ll scatter a few seeds to better utilize the space. Nothing beats fresh carrots right out of the garden.

Robins are hopping around my front yard, looking for worms. Buds are beginning to swell on some of my trees. I need to see these harbingers of spring, of renewal, and regrowth, and hope. They are the light and the peace for my soul in these troubling times. IMG-1442

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