Rather odd to look out the window, see patches of blue sky in a brightly lit canvas that drew me to the window, only to see snowflakes drifting aimlessly. I could not for the life of me see where they were coming from. Fifteen minutes later, the sky had lapsed back into its dreary grey pallor, which made sense, only by then it had quit snowing. That whole episode made about as much sense as the world does right now.

For the want of a vaccine. I do believe we are being given a real-world glimpse into the reasons our country’s capitalist approach to heath care needs to go the way of the dodo bird (insurance companies & bottom lines in charge rather than doctors). Health care is a moral issue, not an economic one. Of course, it always has been, it just never hit us at home in our recent history. And what a lesson we are getting! Every single one of us. There’s nothing like a virus to level the playing field.

Much as a natural disaster does not pick and choose its victims, this virus does not care if you have money or not. The care you get might have mattered according to your health insurance plan in the beginning, but now that we are out of ventilators and intensive care beds, that no longer matters. The virus marches on, and on. My prayers are for the nurses, doctors and EMTs on the front lines. You are so brave. Thank you.

I have to find other thoughts. This weekend, I planted my apple tree, an azalea bush, and some thyme. We are back to warmth for the time being. I hesitated to plant the azalea before now because it was in full bloom during the latest snow storm. Instead, I had it in the house and enjoyed every blossom. They are falling off now, so I’m happy to have it outside in its permanent  home.

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