Mother Nature stepped up to the plate with some beautiful weather, warm temps, sunshine, and a tiny breeze, if any at all. Thank You. I couldn’t help myself and took two walks. I finished the flagstone steps in the backyard. Next on the list is putting together a decorative metal screen that I ordered. I had to move the boxes with a dolly. When I read the directions, I’ll find out if I need help getting it together and into the ground. Jokes on me if I need help – until after the stay at home mandate.

Today, I printed off a pattern to make some masks. I have extra material from the quilt – which is coming along, by the way.  I don’t think it’s going to be any prize winning masterpiece, but since it’s made entirely of materials I and two friends had on hand, and made during a pretty tough time for the world, I’m thinking that I’m going to like it very much.

Please remember to be kind. Whether you are re-posting something, or responding to someone else’s question, Think Before You Speak, or Post. Here’s my definition. I’ve written it before – but it’s worth writing again.

T – is it Thoughtful and did you Take your Time before responding?

H – does it Help or hurt ? (would you want someone to say it to you?)

I – does it Inspire or irritate?

N – is it Necessary? (or are you venting?)

K – is it Kind?

Right now, we need all the kindness we can muster. Getting through this together and healthy means we must practice kindness, respectfulness, and thoughtful words and actions. If you are anxious and flying off the handle, please reach out and talk to someone. For the vast majority of us, we have time to listen. The simple act of saying what is bothering you out loud will let your brain process and deal with it. You’ll find perspective too. Remember, we’re all in this together.orchid

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