Snow – Again

Well, the trellis/screen is up, and I did it by himself. When I opened the two big boxes (71 lbs), I was hoping for instructions – you know – telling me how to put it together. No such luck. There were three pictures, one of which showed the parts and the other two showed the finished product. Big help.

It turned out that the trellis wasn’t actually that difficult to assemble, it took more time to unwrap all of the plastic around all of the parts than to actually put it together. What was difficult was the weight. Holding it up, keeping it level, and driving in the stakes all at the same time was the challenge. I really only needed one more arm.

There is snow in the forecast again. The daffodils, hyacinths, and crocus aren’t going to like it very much. Tulips and Iris are up but not blooming, so they won’t care. Such is spring in Colorado. The worst part is halting the outdoor activity. I’ve unhooked the hoses again. The problem is: I’m spoiled now for my walks. A light jacket that ends up tied around my waist halfway through the walk is fine, but putting winter gear back on is not going to happen. I know me. I’ll end up skipping the walk altogether. I think I’m going to have to make a mask to keep me from eating when I’m inside my house.

I am sorting through old recipes, trying new recipes, really anything to do something new. It helps with my attitude. I’ve certainly had sad days and low days in the past several weeks. I know how blessed I am. I know, and I’m grateful. That just doesn’t stop my emotions from roller coasting, and so I try to offset it by trying new things. My quilt will see some progress during this cold snap. I’ll think of it as gardening with material and thread! Oh, and the garage is really getting organized!IMG-1473

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