Cold Snap

Day One of April’s Cold Snap:

My daffodils are bent to the ground in a very sad bow to nature. I’m watching the snowflakes drift down. The moisture is welcome, but the freezing temperature is not. I have similarly drifted from project to project, interspersed with reading, and even dusted the upstairs. I’m saving the downstairs for tomorrow, another cold, snowy day on the forecast. Hot chocolate and a movie sound good.

Day Two:

Freaking Cold! Tall icicles hang from the gutters, cars, and outdoor furniture. Five inches of snow blankets everything.

I haven’t dusted downstairs. I did put in a couple hours on my novel, and a couple hours of work on the quilt. It is progressing and I’ve come up with a couple of decent solutions for some of the problems cropping up as I go. I’ve gotten far enough to think it might turn out okay after all.

I’m definitely happy with the progress on the novel. This weekend, I’ll be ready to have the manuscript printed for beta readers.

Day Three – Morning:

Sunshine and still cold. There is more snow in the forecast a few days hence. Gritting my teeth as I write that bit of news. I have taken to calling old friends and checking in. So wonderful to hear their voices and get those virtual hugs we who live alone so desperately need. While it is bitter cold outside, the sun is shining, which gives me such hope. The grass emerging from under the white blanket is so brilliantly green next to the snow.

Day Three – Afternoon:

Warm enough that I took two walks. The snow melted quickly, gone except what hides under spruce branches on the north side. Sun, glorious sun. There was a sharp breeze, enough to warrant the ear muffs I had with me. Then again, it could just be me. I saw kids on their bikes in shorts. They’re young. What can I say?IMG-1472

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