Fourteen Inches

In a wry twist of humor, nature dumped fourteen inches of heavy, wet snow on Fort Collins, and dropped the morning temperature to 9 degrees. The moisture is wonderful, I will admit, however the many broken branches around the neighborhood are not. My son came over with a chain saw and took care of my now sadly deformed crabapple tree. I’m hoping a little sunshine will lift its spirits and the saggy branches that didn’t break.

So many evenings of late, I have wanted to call my mom and see how she and my sister are doing during the pandemic. Funny how concern over how everyone is faring during this crisis momentarily negates the fact that they are no longer with us. Mom would have been fine during this mess, playing cards and doing her crossword puzzles. Penny would have had a difficult time, curtailed from running her errands and visiting with her good friends around town.

I have printed my latest novel, Compass Point, for beta readers. Hopefully, I’ll get them delivered in the next few days to get some feedback. This novel has a few of my dad’s old cases/stories from back in his FBI days. There is also a glimpse into his favorite hobby during his retirement years, collecting petrified wood, and my favorite hobby, visiting National Parks. I can’t wait until they’re up and running again.

Looking out the back picture window, I’m watching a big fat squirrel chewing on charred wood (totally black coals) leftover in the fire pit from my s’mores making a week ago. The pit is just now showing up from under the foot of snow dumped on it. I can’t tell which kind  of wood he’s got in his mouth. I have spruce, crabapple, aspen, etc. in my pile. I wonder what is missing in his diet that a piece of burnt wood tastes so good? His tail is thumping furiously. CP pic for media

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