The Golden Rule

What are my dreams? Kayaking. Unlimited hugs. What are yours?

I have been so encouraged by all of the wonderful giving and generosity I’ve witnessed since the Covid 19 breakout began. So many have stepped up to the plate with donations, sewing masks, sharing and caring online, the list goes on and on. What I have a difficult time with is the selfish behavior exhibited by some. I guess they don’t understand that staying home, or wearing a mask is to protect others. Isn’t that what life is all about? Helping others. Going beyond ourselves. That’s the Golden Rule -taught by every religion since the beginning of recorded history.

The good thing to keep in mind, as we all worry about our economy, is that every country on the planet is facing the same crisis that we are. We truly are all on this planet together, we are in this crisis together, and we will come through together.

The lawn is now aerated. The broken tree limbs are sawed up and stacked in the fire-pit pile; the small stuff is in the trash. I planted carrots, and that’s the last of the garden seeds to go in. The next thing on my list of things to do is painting my outdoor table and chairs. It’s been several years since they got a new coat. The painting won’t take any time at all, it’s prepping the chairs that takes forever. I have to cover the woven seat material so the over-spray doesn’t get on it. That takes much more time than actually spraying the frame work. After that will be fixing the fence around the yard.

Compass Point is in the hands of Beta Readers. I have started a new book project, but just lately, my quilt has been taking more of my time than writing. The little pieces are starting to take shape and that is kind of exciting. And so it goes…

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