The Water’s On

I made an unexpected trip to the ER a few days ago. Well, really, when are they ever expected? The last time I went to one, I’d had an allergic reaction to a medicine. This time I had the sensation of a cat sitting on my chest, high blood pressure, and arm pain – classic symptoms. The doctor ran all the tests, except for a stress test – which will happen in a month or two when hospitals open up to outpatient services again, and all came out fine. In the meantime, the conclusion was that the episode was possibly anxiety driven, or the result of a new herbal tea (with valerian root) I was drinking each evening. No more of that stuff! Blood pressure is back to normal, so all’s well that ends well. 

I am one of those people who don’t go to doctors easily. The yearly physical, yes. I have to in order to get my thyroid medicine refilled, but beyond that, not if I can help it. Dean used to say, “They are practicing medicine – emphasis on practicing – and I don’t want them practicing on me.” The thing is, I have friends, family, and now these five precious grandkids, and they all want me to stick around for a while. It changes the landscape when you think beyond yourself.

The garage is now cleaned and organized. After doing that, I turned on the sprinkling system. I managed it this year without any fountains, leaks, or overall water disasters. The Peaches and Cream honeysuckle plant I ordered has finally been shipped. I have been looking forward to its arrival for quite some time. My plan is for this honeysuckle to climb up the new trellis-screen I put up. I’m hoping for a lovely, soothing effect, something to offset our start to this memorable year. The only other time I felt like I was living in a future history book was during 9/11.

Here is my self-portrait from the ER visit (actually yard art for the grandkids). IMG-1508

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