Noisy, noisy, noisy. My new windows are being installed. Three days of this may send me over the precarious covid 19 edge. Ha. I don’t normally work in a noisy atmosphere, so I find myself having to make lists and move from task to task, rather than free-wheeling like I normally do.

There are only two workers doing the install. The one working inside wears a mask, and if the other guy has to come in, he puts his on too. We have a system worked out to keep me at a distance as they move from room to room. When they’re done, I’ll wipe down the window sills and handles with sanitizer. It’s not really dirty, or dusty, just noisy.

When you hear an installer say, “holy smokes,” your heart kind of goes pitter patter. Well, cheap windows cause rotten wood underneath. At least it’s getting fixed now, and replaced with better windows that channel the moisture out, rather than down. Home maintenance is never ending, I know that, but cheap construction is inexcusable. Yet, it happens all the time. Our ethics fail us.

Money. Money. Money. I’m really tired of people and companies making their decisions based solely on economic gain. Perhaps we wouldn’t have such a fragile economy if our product standards were based on craftsmanship, and pride in a job well done. I understand that corporations (bigness) brings about economy of scale. I also know that for most corporations, paying their stockholders dividends supersedes pride in their product or caring for their workers. Sad. Sad. Sad.

There are lessons to be learned from this “Time of the Rona,” as my friend calls this history we are living through. Obviously, many lessons are for the doctors and the scientists, but some are for us too. Education, kindness, our need for connection, creativity, and the importance of time well spent with our children, these are all areas (and there are many more) of great opportunity to improve our society, our individual family structure, and very, very important, how we care for our elderly. Time for careful thinking.

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