I suppose there is a possibility I’m getting ahead of myself in the garden, but I truly can’t help it. This year of the “Rona” has made me grab hold of outdoor activity like I haven’t done in several years. My original plan was not to do much at all this year. I planned to travel. That is, until all of my trips got cancelled. Now my brain seems to be saying, you’re going to be here Barb, might as well PLANT!

I made bread with a recipe I haven’t used in forty years. So darn good. The recipe makes a big batch, so it is quite a workout, but definitely worth the effort. It’s so good, you don’t even have to put butter on it. I was worried I blew it when I didn’t have enough flour out and had to get a bag out of the freezer. I thought maybe the cold flour would kill the yeast, but it didn’t. Then I made the mistake of trying to bake all the loaves and the rolls at the same time. That didn’t work well. But, despite all, it turned out wonderful. The best of all the breads I’ve made during “Rona.” Credit goes to the kid’s grandmother Leta for a truly great recipe. She is a master bread maker.

So, what comes next? How do we re-enter the world during this new age of communicable disease? With the population as large as it has grown, and people circling the globe for work and pleasure, the Covid 19 scenario will repeat itself.  I know others are having these same thoughts, weighing our fears and the reality of living our lives again – which we must do. It is a process. The best advice I can give is to go slow, stay comfortable, and be kind by being respectful of other people’s fears and comfort level. If we do this together, we’ll be okay.

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