Happy Mother’s Day

Here’s wishing you a Mother’s Day

That’s filled with every pleasure,

And a future that’s as happy

As the Memories you treasure. Anon

It used to be, when you said, “I’m spending a quiet day at home,” it sounded pretty relaxing and good. Right? An anomaly. Now, it sounds like every other freakin day. Takes the calm right out of it.

The wind is blowing briskly, and that drains my desire to go outside and work in the yard or ride my bike. I already did the laundry and changed the sheets. I could sew, or read, or study French, but none, absolutely none of those things holds any appeal. That leaves writing, sleeping, or Ping-Pong with myself while watching M*A*S*H.

I looked at recipes for making home-made baked beans from scratch. That will be my next food experiment. The problem with those recipes is all the forms of sugar they add: molasses, maple syrup, and brown sugar. It made me cut the beans I soaked in half. I’ll do a traditional sweet recipe for fun, and then a plain cowboy batch of beans for healthy eating.

Well my trellis/screen didn’t take the hard wind too well. It is leaning way too much to pretend it isn’t. So, now to brainstorm a fix without it being something that I can (because I would) trip over, or look too ugly. You know, something invisible yet sturdy. Ha. I’m going to have to call in some expert thinkers for this one.

Okay. The baked beans were a disaster and ended up in the trash. They never got soft despite baking them for 8 hours and boiling them for another hour. On top of that, who needs all that sweetness? Thankfully, I had cut the ones to bake down to a third of what I soaked. Good thing. The cowboy beans were very good. Some experiments are failures, which is how we get to the favorites we use time after time. And so it goes…May mtnsMay in the Colorado mountains.

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