The Mundane

We enjoyed beautiful weather for Mother’s Day weekend. My neighbor’s Canada Cherry tree’s rich blossom smell wafted right down into my patio area. What a lovely treat. The next day was forecasted to be thundery and possibly rainy, so I sat outside to write, enjoying that aroma. I also indulged in an extra walk.

The American goldfinches are an amazing, brilliant yellow this year. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen them this vivid. They mesmerize me as they cling to the finch feeder and eat the tiny Nyjer seeds. The doves coo nearby in the soft evening air, their sing song voices drawing the waning sun down to rest for the night.

Life seems to be a long series of events, obstacles, and problems mixed in with joy, triumphs, and moments of just being. All of the problems eventually work themselves out, despite our efforts to control, fix, or hurry the outcome along. They just do. They work out in the long run. Many of us have forgotten how to live for the long run. Yes we all love the big moments of joy, but we also need to look for the tiny richness found – when we look for it – in the midst of utter chaos or the boredom of the everyday. Many of us have forgotten how to live appreciating the mundane, because those very everyday things are our comfort zone, and when those things are threatened, we are threatened and become insecure, or downright scared.

Listen to the birds sing. Listen to your children tell you about some silly game they played today. Listen to them laugh. Listen to the crickets chirp through the open window at night. Listen to your partner breathe, and rejoice in it. Let these sounds give you reassurance that we are where we are supposed to be. Gratitude for what you have now, will bless you in the future.IMG_1954

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