I spent a lovely Sunday gardening, taking a walk, doing laundry, baking bread, studying and writing. I love those days when at the end, you can turn around and point to the things that you did.

Now, I’m panting. I was out fixing the irrigation pipe that I accidentally sliced open with my shovel transplanting some flowers. Oops. I tell you what. I know how to fix these things, and I have the couplers and steel clamps to do it. What I lack nowadays is the muscles. Even using liquid soap to help slick the coupling, it was a beast to say the least. On top of that, it was the first really hot day of the season – hence the panting. I just read a poem that said to “gracefully surrender the things of youth.” Oops again. There is nothing graceful about my surrender.

I am wondering if the weight lifting I do each morning is enough. I do it so that I can load my kayak by myself. Perhaps I need to step up my game. Heavier weights or more repetitions? Actually, if I would bake more bread, kneading would do the trick. The recipe I use is large and it’s quite a work out. The problem with that solution might be how much weight I would gain from eating all that bread. I could give it away, I suppose.

My youngest and her family are prepping for their upcoming move to Colorado. At long last, all of my kids will again be in the state, on the eastern side of the mountains to boot. I am so excited. The school year (such as it turned out to be) is winding down for the grandkids. The packing and logistics have been figured out, except for taking out a basement window and removing their gym equipment. That means a couple of fun weeks with a full house. After all the world has been through these last months, that sounds pretty awesome to me.

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