Celebrate Memorial Day

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I spent a fun half hour visiting my grandson’s 4th grade classroom via Zoom. It was the kids last class meeting for the year, and I was privileged to be their guest. The teacher had just finished reading my middle grade novel, Rhyaden to the kids. I had questions for them and they had questions for me. What a treat. I never realized how much I missed visiting and working with kids in the classroom. I suppose that’s one of those little silver linings from Covid isolation. As I watch the creative, and definitely increased family activities in the neighborhood rather than parents simply running their kids to lessons of some kind, I know there are other good things that have come out of this mess. I hear bicycling has made a big comeback! Yay! No carbon emissions!

I enjoyed a lovely tea party with my youngest granddaughters (princesses really) while their mom did some grocery shopping the other day. We hadn’t played with the fairyland set in a while, so there were all sorts of critters attending our tea party. Little ponies came galloping through via the two year old, puppies woofed their way around the fairy castle, and we even had a mermaid join us. Quite the event!

We’ve got to get our stores back to recycling plastic bags soon. Everyone’s stash is outgrowing its allotted space. Eventually, people are just going to start throwing them away, into the landfill trash. Please! We can’t let that happen. Come on grocery stores, there are ways to do this. Get a conversation going with your county health officials. As they learn more and more about how this virus spreads, I’m confident we can get back to handling food with reusable bags. In the meantime, hang in there and hold on to your plastic bags if you can. The solution is coming.

Celebrate Memorial Day tomorrow – for all those lost fighting for us!

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