Zero Excuses

Sometimes, blog subjects are so apparent, and then sometimes they are so NOT. In the middle of the covid pandemic, we find ourselves in the middle of race riots reminiscent of the sixties. History repeats itself, over and over, until the lesson is learned.

There is ZERO excuse for the senseless murder of George Floyd. There is Zero excuse for looting, destruction of property, and violence. Protest is fine. I understand that it is sometimes the only voice loud enough to make real change. Violence, however – led by agitators or people crazed by the mob – is not fine. It only serves to dishonor George Floyd’s memory.

When, just tell me when will we figure out that our constitution’s phrase “secure the blessings of liberty” means for all of us – for all races, genders, religious beliefs, for ALL citizens. We’ve been working on it since 1776. Why don’t we get it yet? It’s such an easy concept.  I’m so sick of the fear. I’m so sick of people thinking it’s “their” cause being hurt by the violence. People, we are all in this together. It’s America’s cause. Peace and equality and justice are OUR causes.

Let’s see now, what can we do? Teach respect. Teach humility. Teach the Constitution. Teach negotiation skills. Teach respect. Teach communication. Teach respect. Parents,  if you tired of teaching math and english these past months here are a couple of different topics, history, civics, and our constitution to keep the kids busy with this summer.

Law Enforcement needs to once again become a respected profession of individuals dedicated to ‘serving and protecting’ our citizens. Unfortunately, fewer and fewer people go into law enforcement today, leaving gaps that need to be filled. Many (NOT ALL) of those that do join up, go there because it’s the one place they can be macho, be a bully, be tough, and get away with it. That environment has to change.  My hat is off to those officers who have knelt in solidarity with their communities, their people of all colors. You have honored George Floyd’s memory. Thank You!

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