A few wild days have gone by. Much has been accomplished. My dentist has a plan for fixing my broken molar. My grandsons are playing ping-pong like crazy, and have also brought the farm set upstairs, totally transforming my living room. For some reason, months of covid solitary have changed me. I no longer care if it’s a mess. The house is noisy and I love it. A new gate in the yard fence has been built that I’ve wanted for six years. (Why did I wait so long?) I have to give it a couple of weeks to dry before I paint it. My daughter and son-in-law are moved out of their Utah house, soon to move into their Colorado house. Change is happening.

The only kink in the hose is the heat. It has morphed from a delightful spring into a hot, hot, hot zone. Ugh. The heat is the one thing I don’t do well with. I have found no way to cope with it other than working in the yard in the early mornings and late evenings – you know, when the mosquitoes are out. I saw the first one a few days ago. Blast it! I was hoping they took a covid holiday and wouldn’t bother to show up this year. So much for that wish. To top it off, miller moths are worse than ever.

So, now my afternoons have been dedicated to either writing or working on the National Parks quilt I started some months ago. I’ve added in some embroidery to enhance some of the appliqués that definitely needed it. Still, it may be years before this thing is completed. I can’t say for sure, but it isn’t happening as fast as I thought it would. The sewing went fast, but the hand-work is not. Choices have consequences. IMG-1637

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