Two Wrongs

The logistics of moving in this day and age are challenging to say the least. In them thar golden days of old, a person packed up and rode away on the wagon. My parents only moved once after I was born, so I don’t have a memory of what took place that time. I, on the other hand, moved eight times in the first nine years after leaving my parent’s abode, (I’m good at throwing unneeded things away), six homes since then. Back then, you changed your voting registration, called the utility companies, sent in change of address forms to your magazine subscriptions, unplugged the tv, and away you went. Now, there are services to update or change, (internet, tv, phone) most of which can be done on-line but it still takes time, credit cards to update, utilities to start/cancel, security systems to de-activate/re-activate, moving trucks to coordinate at both ends – cause we have way more stuff these days, and you know – Covid concerns, protocols, backed up schedules, etc. It’s a whoopee fun time.

More thoughts on the current unrest & marches surrounding the circumstances of George Floyd’s death. He is not a hero. He IS, however, a symbol of a systemic problem that needs to be addressed and not forgotten. Symbols are important. George Washington wasn’t the greatest general – in fact he was pretty poor at commanding at times – but – he was our first President, and remains an important symbol of the struggle our forefathers went through to make a new country – a revolt against injustices from King George. Remember, injustice and revolution started our country.

Two wrongs never make a right. When I see posts about the damage done by protestors (usually not the protestors but by agitators taking advantage of the moment), I see two separate crimes that should be punished. The first does not justify the second. The vandalism of important symbols does not excuse the murder of a man.

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