Virus King

I seem to be waking up with a lot of headaches lately. That’s not normal for me in summer, however, for 2020 it fits in perfectly. Once I sit up and get some drainage going, the pounding and pressure dissipates, but headaches sure take the zoop out of my mornings. Not to worry though, my grandsons have plenty of zoop to make up for what I lack.

So, I’m working on a puzzle my cousin sent me for my birthday, listening to my grandsons play with the lego creatures they have created. All of a sudden, I realize the King of the bad guys has a virus, and when he comes out of hiding, he infects everyone he is around. Wow. Now, I’m really listening to be sure I’m hearing this right.

Our world has truly changed forever. A whole generation is growing up with a virus for a bad guy. Guns are even powerless against this virus. I had to laugh though, when I heard the oldest interject that he hoped no other viruses were downloaded. Little mix of virus types – but it made for a good game. At least they were using their imaginations rather than sitting with a screen in front of their noses. It is sad though, until I think about all the children born into war zones or starving from the locust plague, then it doesn’t seem quite so bad.

I’ve gotten more notes back on Compass Point, so I will switch back to that manuscript for a while. The project I’m following Compass Point with is in the research phase right now. I’ve gotten some good work done to that end, but I haven’t attempted to begin the first draft. Right now, my excuse is having the grandkids here, then I’ll go camping, and I don’t know what the excuse will be after that!

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