Barefoot & Carefree

So, here we are in the longest days of summer. Though it has been really hot, these are not the hottest but rather the longest days, which means the days start to get shorter now. That thought gives me a heart-sick feeling. I am loving summer like I did when I was a kid with no school, reading whatever I wanted, playing hide & seek with the neighborhood kids until well past dark, barefoot and carefree.

A beautiful rain has cleared the air, cleaned the colors of summer, and given us a break from the heat. Such a blessing. Six months from now, I expect a big snow to give us a white Christmas.

I am amazed at ways in which our world has changed in the blink of an eye. I now see delivery trucks of various colors on my street two to three times a day. It used to be two to three times per week. I’ve had my new car almost six months and have yet to need the first oil change. I don’t even think about going out to eat but I do think about new, healthy ways to fix vegetables. In fact, lately I’ve roasted vegetables I never even ate before, or not since I was a little kid anyway. Surprising enough – they’re good! Who would have thought it?

I continue to practice my french everyday. Now that I am making progress and have learned a bit, I am starting to really enjoy the process. I am confident that by our trip to France in the fall, I will be fairly ready. My neighbor’s father speaks french, so on occasion I get to try out my skills a tiny bit in person. I panic of course, but I’m doing better each time. It certainly isn’t easy like it was in high school. I’ve heard that learning a new language is good for your brain. Well, bring that on. I need all the help I can get!

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