How did the last few days slip away so quickly? The little boxes representing days on the calendar have been so crammed full, the items are leaking over into adjacent boxes. In the middle of the chaos, my four and a half (that last part is very important) year old granddaughter got to spend the night with me, and we did have a grand time. I’m going to tell on her, but it was so cute about it, I can’t help myself.

I’ve been making cinnamon rolls from scratch, and she loves them. After eating one, I offered her the tiny tail-end one too. She hesitated and said she should ask her mom if she could have two. I dropped the subject and we were off to doing other things. The next morning, when I asked what she wanted for breakfast, she replied, “Cinnamon rolls, and I can have sixteen!”

So, my plans for the next few days are kayaking, fishing, rock polishing, reading, writing, buggy-ing, and camping. Half of this delightful, eventful year has already past. That seems impossible, but here we are, on the verge of the second half. Here’s hoping to our good health, and growth in our understanding of each other, and our humanity. I pray for a moral compass to guide each of us. Perhaps we also need to get t-shirts made that sayoops I survived 2020.

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