My contribution to the 4th of July celebration was making bread and cinnamon rolls from scratch. I’m going to have to quit eating what I’m baking. On the 4th, my son-in-law smoked and grilled a wonderful meal, and for a bonus, I got to bring home my youngest grandson for his first sleep-over without his older brother. He loves ping-pong, so you know what we did when we got home. And, we both managed to stay awake for the fireworks.

I finally picked out the color I want for painting an accent wall in the office. Now, all I have to muster is the gumption to do it. There certainly isn’t much on my calendar this month. With Covid 19 surging in the US, there aren’t too many activities I want to partake in. I do have to say that getting away to the mountains, seeing something new and different, and getting all that physical exercise was wonderful for my psyche. Who knows what is going to happen next, but I feel better prepared this time. I don’t think it will get me down the way those first few months of lockdown did.

Since US citizens aren’t allowed to travel to Europe at this time, planning for our trip to France in October is a little depressing. I’ve not cancelled in my head yet, rather I’m just choosing not to think about it.  We did decide to put together a Plan B, hoping that a National Park we haven’t yet explored is open this fall. Not all of them are closed, but many are. We will have to see.

The heat is taking a toll on the lawn and flowers. They look okay unless you get up close. Bugs are eating away at some of the container plants. It’s the July garden doldrums. When it gets this hot, I don’t care too much about it anyway. That’s a poor attitude because the weeds are happy, and growing like – well – weeds!

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