Oh, how time flies when you don’t pay attention. Time to write another blog, past time, really, because I lost track of time. At any rate. I have nothing to write about. Nope. Nothing. Nada. The heat has fried my brain. Actually, I’m going great guns on re-writes of my novel Compass Point, polishing it to the nth degree. I simply never stopped to think about a topic I wanted to discuss. Oops.

Not that there aren’t topics out there worth writing about, only that I don’t want to write about them. I’ll only tick some people off, and the other people who agree already agree, so what’s the point? Are you detecting a little cynicism? Blame it on the heat. Like I said, my brain is fried.

I’ve been writing about respect for the nine years I’ve been writing this blog. I believe that is the one element we need most in our world, the one element parents need to teach their children above all others, and the most important thing missing in politics. However! I’m seeing a shift in the US of A’s attitude of late, and I can only hope and pray that shift leans us toward respect.

I also hope and pray people do not ever, ever, ever vote for a party, either side. Please! Vote for the best candidate, and a good criteria to watch for is who’s campaign exhibits respect. If it’s not in their ads, they won’t have it in their heart when tempted by lobbyists, believe me. Trust your gut on this one. Is their heart in the right place?

So, there you have the gist of my non-topic that I didn’t want to write about. Funny how it just slipped onto the page, like a fried egg out of a non-stick pan. Must be the heat.IMG_1742

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