Triple Digits

Triple Digit Heat! Not a record I aspire to, nor want to witness, nor want to participate in – and yet here we are. It is so hot – drinking ice water makes my mouth ache. Tell me what’s wrong with that picture? Speaking of pictures, I was asked a while back for the view from my log bench. I finally took one.

My HOA sent out an e-mail congratulating our 2020 graduates, and in the next breath, telling us to take down the yard signs congratulating the students. They also mentioned it’s time to cut down the Arborvitae trees that died from last year’s harsh winter. I just shook my head. Covid 19 vs lawn signs. Dead trees vs ‘How do we safely open our schools.’ Hmm. Real problems vs stupid stuff.

People still resist wearing face masks. There are so many things that hurt the economy – like shutting down again – while wearing a mask is one self-less step that doesn’t hurt anybody. What is the big deal? Please explain it to me. I wear seat belts, I wear helmets when I’m on a motorcycle, I wore shoes when I lived where goat heads and sand burrs are as common as dirt, I lock the doors at night – all in the name of staying safe. I bet you do most of those things too. So, what is the big deal about wearing a face mask?

Don’t give me the argument about civil liberties, that the “government” is taking away your rights by asking you to wear a face mask. Sorry, but that just doesn’t cut it. Try giving that argument to the state patrol when you get pulled over for speeding. Isn’t speeding your right too? Of course, speeding cars puts your children at risk. JUST like people who are a-symptomatic do when they don’t wear a mask in public. Do you rip off your clothes and barge in when you see a “No shirt, No shoes, No service” sign? I don’t think so.

I’ve yet to hear an argument against wearing masks that holds any water, makes any sense, or has any science behind it. The data is clear in countries that require face masks. They are winning the war against Covid -19. We are not.IMG-1806

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