The Farm

I went with my youngest daughter and her family for a quick trip to the farm. The kids are doing a wonderful job in planning out their future home. It is daunting, though, there is so much work to be done. The good thing is, the drive is only one and half hours from where they now live, so they can zip out and mow, trim trees, and clean up the home site as often as they want.

I was surprised it is still an emotional journey for me to go out there. I have this urgent feeling that I need to grab the clippers and a rake and start cleaning up the yard. What the kids have accomplished so far is pretty great and fun to watch. Their enthusiasm is catching, but it is still hard to see the house where we raised our children fall apart. It is hard to see the weeds growing where my prized roses used to bloom. It is just plain hard to see what happens when a place is abandoned. That is all going to change over the next few years. It will be like watching my grandchildren grow. Best of all, it will be better than it was before.

I am totally ready for that rotting, old house to come down, to have something new and beautiful built in its place. There are plenty of good things that will stay, the hundreds and hundreds of trees I planted, the memories, the gorgeous sunsets. I’ve thought about this a lot. Unlike my parent’s home which I have no desire whatsoever to go back and see again, I am looking forward to seeing the next phase for our farm. Life changes and we move on.

And, Happy Birthday to my best friend!

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