Ack! Time. Time. Blog day! This day was supposed to be all about writing, but other things wove themselves into the fabric of my day. I decided to put a newly acquired used shelf unit into my spare bedroom closet in hopes of bringing some order to the chaos behind the door. That led to sorting out bedding, and then towels, and old baby blankets, etc. etc. and pretty soon I had an entire load for donation. Don’t get me wrong – that’s a good thing, it just wasn’t what the day was supposed to be about. Sorting in that closet led me to sort out the linen closet, which led to cleaning two bathrooms. You get the point. Time.Time.

My prayers of late are for all of the administrators, teachers, and parents agonizing over the decisions facing them in this pandemic. Everyone knows and understands the importance of getting kids back to school. If it were only that simple. How does one balance out the economy with our health, overwhelmed health care systems, and preventable deaths? I don’t know.

My youngest daughter brought up the subject of suicide since Covid 19 hit. I decided to do some research. Turns out, all major times of crisis have lead to an uptick in suicide, but the numbers are not in yet for Covid 19. While many country’s suicide rates have been declining, in the US the rate has risen 35% since 1999. That is certainly not a comforting statistic. Factors during a pandemic (or other crisis) that lead to anxiety, suicide, and increased alcohol & drug consumption include fear of contracting the disease, fear of giving the disease to someone else, fear of the unknown, fear of loss of job or ability to provide for one’s family, fear of uselessness, fear of inevitability, fear, fear, fear. This is not something we can bluster our way through. All I can ask is that we be kind. We don’t know what obstacles other people are facing. Keep in touch with your family. Find a way to show love and patience. Let’s be good humans.

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