5 Year Plan

Hurricanes and a Pandemic. Schools open. Some close down days later. 2020 is a rocky road if there ever was one. My heart goes out to the teachers and students trying to make the best of this school year. Hang in there. We’ll get through this year one way or another.

I have thought so many times of the stress I was under dealing with my mother’s and sister’s deaths in 2018. I am so so very grateful that I am not dealing with that estate mess this year. You probably couldn’t even have an estate sale this year. I am also grateful not to be dealing with trying to keep their yard green and mowed from afar. I am looking for the blessings, because I am still haunted by my sister’s death, and sad not to have my nightly conversation with my mom. So, I count my blessings. I have my health, wonderful kids and grandkids, a beautiful home, great friends (especially my travel buddy), good neighbors, and sweet cousins who stay close.

My girlfriend dropped off some paint, a color we both love, so I had to get out the ladder and the brush and the roller and the drop cloths. Geez. Can you feel my enthusiasm? I was only going to do one wall in my office, but now that it is done, I keep looking at the adjoining wall, and wondering… I think I’m going to have to ask a few people’s opinions before I put everything away.

I figured out where I would put my waterfall in the backyard. The spot can be seen from both my living room and my bedroom, a plus. Now, the trick will be to collect all the rocks I need for it. That will take some time. I’m also going to have to build a little bridge. I might be doing this on a five year plan.IMG-1876

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