There is a rabbit in the back yard! This is the first one to breech the walls in a couple of years. Arghh.

How did it get in? Mr. McGregor, I need a trap! There are plants in my backyard that rabbits would love to eat, so I am planning a rabbit chase. Who wants to help?

I finished painting the office wall and baseboards, but I’m not sure that doing just one wall does the trick. I’m really thinking about a second one. I also got the furniture moved around in anticipation of moving a desk/library table from downstairs to my sewing/crafts/plant room. I’m trying to be patient about moving it, waiting until I have help here for the move, but conniving thoughts are circulating through my head on how to do this by myself. So satisfying to do it with brain power rather than brawn.

So, you all know how patient I am. One idea worked. I rolled the desk up the stairs (end over end), and I used a blanket to get the desk across the wood floor without marks and scratches. I have one small bookshelf I’m not sure where to go with, but I found it a temporary home until I have time to ponder further. Also, my jade plant has grown so large, it is really too big now no matter where I put it. More thought required for that too. This was a good mornings work. Now to reward myself with a movie and popcorn!

I’ve watched a few videos for waterfall ideas. Many, of course, are trying to sell their kits, but they still have good ideas. I’m learning. I originally wanted to go solar, however, the panels and battery housing are more intrusive than wiring to the pump, so I am re-thinking that idea. I should probably put solar on my roof and run everything, including the waterfall, from that. More research needed.FB678CAF-82B0-42B6-9FD4-9E5C813DDE55

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