Family Reunion

What does it take to get a cottontail out of the yard? One Grandma. Two boys. A broom, a stick, and a garden hose. Open the gate, turn on the water, hoop and holler and voila, bunny on the run – out the gate no less.

You know you’ve turned a corner when the oldest grandchildren don’t need adults with them anymore. My kids and I all got together for a family dinner, and the “Big Four” grandkids went downstairs and played and played and played. Only the littlest stayed upstairs with the adults, which suits me because she is SO entertaining. What a personality! The kids did come up when we called them to eat, but disappeared as soon as they were done. When the little squirt gets a little older, she isn’t going to stand for being left behind. It will get a little more complicated at that point.

That so reminds me of my family’s summer vacations to Minnesota when I was a kid. My nine cousins and us three girls were split into three groups, the Olders, the Middles, and the Littles. I was in the middle, though it often worked out the Littles and half the Middles were grouped together. And my sister Penny, was firmly lodged half-way between the Olders and the Middles. That odd spot is a difficult one.

With both of my sisters passed away, my cousins have become very dear to me. It is a relationship I am extremely grateful for.  We share some wonderful memories of people and times that are long gone. With travel curtailed this year, (and yes – the trip to France in October is no more) I am going to have to coordinate a Zoomin Family Reunion. What else do you do? Dang though, it isn’t the same. I want hugs and laughter, good food, talking late into the night, and binge watching Grace and Frankie with Nancy. What I don’t want is coming together only for funerals.DSC_0789

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