Planning the Next Trip

So, it’s time to start planning a National Park trip. We’ve discussed how to do it, RV vs car/motel vs airplane/rental car/motel. There are numerous ways to get there and back.  We are going late in the year, which reduces my desire for tent camping to near zero. We are going a long ways so fuel will be a big factor, along with eating out vs being able to cook our own meals. The one thing I’m pretty set on is where we’re going and when. Everything else is up for debate.

The hot weather is frying me, but I tell you what, the weeds are digging it. They are growing gangbusters. Pull and spray constantly. Dry spots are showing up in the lawn due to the heat, so I am trying to adjust the sprinkler heads for maximum coverage, also one of the darling details of home ownership.

I finished painting the office and have moved on to the powder room off the kitchen. I finally figured out what color I want it to be, picked up the paint, and only had to muster the gumption to actually do it. I’ve disliked the color in there for six years, so you can see that gumption was slow in materializing.

I did get started. Saturday, I told myself was a sleep-in, lazy day and I didn’t have to accomplish a thing. So naturally, at five-thirty I was wide awake and it was obvious I wasn’t going back to sleep. I got up and did my yoga, went for a two mile walk, then rode about five miles on the bike. Once home I painted the floor boards, door trim and insets. Next, perhaps tomorrow, I’ll roll the walls and do the cut in, hang the mirror back up and voila. That will be the last of the inside house painting for a while. There aren’t any other spots bothering me, for the moment.

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