The word I would use to describe wielding a heavy eight foot tall A-frame ladder in order to paint ten foot walls in a 3.3’ x 7’ powder room with a pedestal sink in one end and a commode in the other is not a word my mother would approve of my using. Suffice it to say, I will never, NEVER, ever paint that room by myself again.

I had to bring in my 5’ ladder in order to even get on the 8 footer because it was too close to the walls at the bottom, all the while holding the paint can in one hand because there was no level place to set it. My hand ached from cutting in the trim. My shoulder hurt from rolling the walls, and my knees hurt from doing the floor boards. Despite all of that, I am pleased with the result. Two days after finishing, the painter called back.

The Cameron Peak Fire has made being outdoors a real trial, especially for anyone with asthma or lung issues. It smells like a campfire when you walk outside, which in itself is fine if you’re sitting around a campfire, but the ash falling here, 70 miles from the fire, tells me just how big and devastating this fire has gotten to be. This is just one of four big ones in Colorado at the moment, and California has several awful fires going too. Having gone through the trauma of the Black Forest Fire years ago, I will never forget how frightening it is, and my heart goes out to all those affected by these fires. We need rain!

School starts soon. I will be helping/supporting my oldest granddaughter navigate on-line remote learning (both her parents work), at least until she sees how it goes and how much help she needs. While she’s doing her work, I’ll finish polishing Compass Point, and plan my trip to the NorthWest National Parks. 2020 has turned out to be the challenging year, hasn’t it?

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