They Got This!

Is whining contagious? Seems like I’m hearing an awful lot of it lately. For some perspective, if you’re tired of hearing about other people’s woes, remember the pendulum. It cannot, cannot swing one way without swinging the other before settling in the middle at rest, regardless of the issue.

If you think you have it bad, read the book “Founding Mothers – The Women Who Raised our Nation.” It’s about the wives and mothers of all those famous names you’ve heard of – our founding fathers, signers of the Declaration of Independence. Now they had something to complain about if you compare their life to ours. They fought, sewed, farmed, cooked, raised funds to support the soldiers, watched their babies die from diseases, and then many had to feed and house British soldiers, or watch their homes burned to the ground by the British soldiers. All this to support their husbands and fathers who were gone for years fighting the Revolutionary War. Talk about patriots!

They didn’t have cell phones, FaceTime, or zoom to keep in touch with their men. Some letters got through, some were intercepted by the British. The fighting and hardships lasted for years, and then went on for months after the British conceded defeat, because word did not reach the troops or the British soldiers in the far reaches of the country, or the wives.

I’m not sure what it is about human nature that precludes us from coming to the right decision in the first place. Why is it we have to grind our way through the issues, fight for what is right and just?

On a good note for the first week of school. My daughter’s eighth graders showed us how adaptable kids are, and what good problem solvers they are.  A technology glitch kept the students from logging in to the remote portion of their classes with their school-issued computers. It took the IT department most of the day to figure out the glitch and get everything up and running. However, the kids had things figured out in minutes. They used their parent’s phones or computers, logged on and signed into class. They rocked it! We don’t have to worry about them getting behind. They are going to do just fine.

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